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Best wishes for the new year. I also follow Ali Edwards, although I don't do her one word project. I like your choice of word for 2014 and sincerely hope that you manage to achieve your aims.

Very insightful. You are a wise woman. And just so you know... this part, "That I can take the ordinary woman that I am and work towards becoming an exceptional person." is inaccurate. I already think you are an exceptional person. :)

I love your word. I think "become" is such a great way to think positively about making some big changes and with that realizing that it may not happen in a 365-day period, but steps can be taken towards that. I've done a word for the last 4-5 years (off and on) and some years my word has been with me and really changes me, and other years it has been forgotten by the time February rolled around. : )

I'm eager to hear how your word plays out this year and see your scrapbooking! So excited that you are doing Project Life. I think you are really going to love it. : )

I just found your YW silhouettes on Pinterest (they are totally awesome and will be so great at our New Beginnings program!) and then started looking through your site. You are a neat lady and I'm thankful you share your goodness with the world so strangers like me can benefit from your talents and your spirit. Thank you for sharing your testimony and your very fabulous design skills!

It's two thousand fourteen. Or twenty fourteen. Twenty thousand fourteen would be the year 20014.

I love this! BECOME!! It is perfect!!

'Become' is also my word for 2014! Love the card you made!

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