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Welcome to the wonderful world of dogs! She is darling, and looks like a great addition to your family! When she gets older, have a look into Intermountain Pet Therapy Animals, it's a great thearpy animal group in SLC who takes their dogs into hosptials, nursing homes, etc. They are a fantastic organization if you want to get Ellie in as a pet therapy dog. So glad that she is able to stay and Brick is okay!!! Hugs from down under!!

SHE IS A DOLL! She will be a great dog for you family, I just know it. ;)

What a pretty girl. I have a black lab named Max and what I "know for sure" about doggies is that they do not "know" that they are the family pet. My husband reminds me that dogs are pack animals, and you have a large pack. So my dog "trains" us, lets us know when he is hungry, wants to play, is upset, but most of all he is a lovey. Ellie looks like a lovey, and so photogenic too. Ceasar Milan has a great book on training humans and animals too, good reference.
Have fun.

Ellie is adorable. Please tell Brick that he has really good taste - that dog bed is awesome and I agree that red really is the best colour!

Oh my goodness she is lovely - (we have a border terrier) My sister has a black labradoodle, she is a labrador, standard (large) poodle mix. She is gentle, child friendly and a born care giver, she woofs (she doesn't bark) at the boys if they play with toy guns (she doesn't approve) and when we all go to the beach she runs up and down beside them in the sea - she won't leave them alone until they come out of the water. Her coat I'm afraid is more labra then poodle which means that she sheds quite a lot, but as Ellie seems to be very curly I would imagine that isn't going to be an issue for you.

good luck on your latest adventure

OH my goodness, so cute. I love little dogs.

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