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That is awesome, i'm impressed that she enjoys gardening (ok, i'm a little jealous that I don't have that same ability)

Again, I enjoyed the photos and narrative. We worked in our garden yesterday. My DH made me put 'my money where my mouth is" yesterday so I had to dig the hole where I wanted my pepper plants planted. LOL How awesome that she had the initiative to get started and followed through.

I mourn the lack of being able to garden, it is therapeutic to me..We live in a condo with no personal dirt. If I knew that we lived close to each other I would come over and pull weeds with you lol

I love that she loves to garden! Isn't she your chicken whisperer too? Love that she loves pottering in the garden as they say here in Australia! Love that you foster each of your kids talents and interests, and that they are all so different!!!! Hugs from Oz!!!

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