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Oh Spencer welcome to the family! Let me introduce myself... I am the favorite Aunt Nancy! That is all you need to know about me! I am greatful that you have joined the family. I hope to meet you soon, but as I said all you need to know is that I am the FAVORITE AUNT NANCY!
Favorite Aunt Nancy!

I don't know what's better, the post or Favorite Aunt Nancy's comment.

I like Amy's comment, too funny! Go Aunt Nancy!
But really, that is awesome to have such a great friend, Friends like that are hard to come by!

Tell those two beautiful girls that friendships like that are RARE and priceless, and to never let time, distance, or a stinky boy come between them! :)

Such a beautiful tribute to my sweet daughter. It makes me teary eyed. (Such beautiful pictures of them both too.) What a treasure they are. I love them! You have no idea the blessing your family has been to us. All I can say is THANKS for teaching us all you have and DITTOS to all you have said. "Manth" is such a blessing to us. Prayers are answered. Our job is to remember to ask specifically for what we need. HE is just waiting for us to knock. Thanks Allison for your goodness and example!!!

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