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beautifully written from the heart.
you are still beautiful!
and wow, your girls look just like YOU!

Writing from a person who only sees little tiny photos of you, and has never met you in person...

You are beautiful. I may not see you from the outside, but your inside shines for all to see.

Happy anniversary. What a wonderful tribute to your children and your husband.

Gosh, I look at the picture above and the you today and though there may be physical change, I see the something that is the same: one of the most beautiful people I am privileged to know. Happy Anniversary!

Congratulations and HAPPY ANNIVERSARY! You are a beautiful lady, inside and out. :-)

My husband and I will celebrate our 20th later this summer, too, and I wonder at where all the time went. And yet, I also am grateful for the relationship we have now, for the wonderful years and time we've had together.

Wonderful post!


Congratulations! Have a wonderful 20th anniversary and many more:)

We celebrated 23 years May 5th.....You were a beautiful bride and are still a beautiful bride.

Yeah for anniversaries :) Congratulations on 20 years, you are a great couple! You still look just as beautiful today as you do in that photo! Love ya

Beautiful! I can see who your daughters take after.

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