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Beautiful page. (not that I actually online scrapbook...but I can appreciate your talent. :D)

Your #2 is something I think as women we all struggle with. While talking to my Dad last night he mentioned a quote I found very illuminating (and funny).

"Men will be always be superior to Women, until a woman can walk down the street, bald and with a beer gut, and still think she's sexy."

While the setiment is not one I apire to, I do appriciate it. I thought you might enjoy it as well.

What a nice quick page.
thanks so much

LOL at the comment from JRoberts regarding the bald head/beer gut.
Thank you for the quick page. But moreover, I just wanted to thank you for the difference you make not only in the lives of your children, but that of others across other parts of the world through the internet. You have the one thing I've always wanted, have prayed for, and haven't been able to achieve: faith. I admire that about you.

I luv this page THANK YOU ;~}

I just have to ask where did you get the numbers you used on this page and from the 8 things kit ? Will there ever be anymore ?

I can totally relate to the eating healthier to lose weight. I have almost dropped 5 pounds in the past two weeks by tracking my food and just recording the carbs, protein, fat and calories. I am using the guidelines from the Phase two of the Curve's diet plan. I can't believe I am being successful. Do I go over my carbs? yes most always. but I finally found a way to do it that I get. I have a ways to go, at least 35 more pounds. but if I keep on it..it will happen. So Allison, keep on it....and it will happen.

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