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This is terrific, Allison! I love how you've got the arrow pointing to the Celestial Kingdom after the final judgment. That is our goal!

this is wonderful thank you

Of course, I have no idea what this all means... but it is super cute :)

I am on a Senior Mission. We needed something to explain the plan of salvation to younger people and those who need a visual learning method. I found
this and downloaded it. I hope I can make it a little smaller for missionary use. Thank you for your time and effort to put this out.

I loved it! Easy for new investigators! Thanks so much, Didi

When is the Spanish version going to be poste? We have a missionary going to Argentina and would like her to carry your beautiful "Plan of Happiness" for missionaries.

Thanks Allison!

I am not seeing the 4x6 and would like to use it.....can you help

Love this! Thanks so much.

Thank you so much! This will be perfect for my scripture journal. I can't wait to add it.

This is a beautiful and fantastic set of visuals! Thanks for sharing your talent!
It's going to make for a great sharing time for me tomorrow!

I am having trouble printing the files.

Thank you for this beautiful printable, I'm going to use it today in sharing time!

Is there a way I could download a blank copy, this would be a great review for my Sr. Primary to fill in the blanks! Thanks so much for sharing.

I am part of a Senior couple serving in Africa. I was so happy for the Universal plan chart so I could add Portuguese in for our Primary children. Thanks so much for the cute graphics.

Thank you so much for this wonderful layout! I only wish I could find a coloring page :) I truly think the time you put into it shows and I am grateful for your wonderful talents! Im using this not only for my primary lesson, but my husband wants to use this for our family home evening kit. THank you again!

Thank you for making this available! This is a beautiful layout of the plan of salvation, and the quote that goes with it is perfect for the sharing time I am planning.

This is so great!! Thank you for making this. I love it!

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