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I don't know if you'll find comfort in this or not, but my life is the same, just minus five kids! I keep a little framed word above my washing machine. It says "ENJOY". I like having it there to remind me that even though many days another load of laundry seems so mundane, I am doing it for the people I love and I need to learn to enjoy it. Some day all these little ones and there massive quantities of laundry will be gone. And I will miss them. Until then, though, I am going to refer back to the picture of your creative space often - it looks like Heaven on earth to me and I want to be there with you!

Beautifully written!

My laundry shall be up to my eyeballs, I have to stay off my feet for a couple of days... so it is building since early last week!

Love seeing you, upside down in a spoon, in pink, with a camera in front of your face! Yeah, groundhog day around here, too!!!! :)

Oh--and our family night was extremely similar (minus the sheer number of kidlets). The boy was jumping up and down on the couch, the girls couldn't stop touching each other and laughing, while the dad was teaching about the nature of our Father in Heaven, and how one of his qualities is that He is endlessly patient with his children. The belligerent one? Me, this time. Wishing I was more like Heavenly Father...

As another mother of 9 kids, I can totally related to the Groundhog Day theory (and the losing weight thing)

Call me anytime you feel like complaining and I will do it with you.

With Gratitude to The Groundhog,xox Laura

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