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Thank you they are gorgeous.

Love them...thank you!

Is there anything you can't do, Allison??! You amaze me. Love the kits.

beautiful! Thank you :)

Thank you. Lovely colors.

OMG! This is wonderful! I've never seen so much given away at once. Wow! I am so glad that you make cardstock to go along with your papers, because to me a solid colored paper is not cardstock (solid w/ no variations in color and has a slight texture) and I like to use at least one real cardstock in my layouts. I absolutely love your family digital stamps and stickers. I would love to see a professional kit like fireman, nurse,pilot,teacher, police man ect.. My childhood was filled with Richard Scarry books with Lowly Worm and his cat family friends in Busy Town and can't forget gold bug. Could you make digi stamps for those characters? I bet you could! Also I would love to see you version of embossed paper and flourished paper. I love how you do the papers in all the colors. This is awesome! This site could give everyone the basic paper line that all scrappers need. Thank you!!

Thank for you for the beautiful papers.

Thank you for the great basics!

love it. thx!

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